George Calvin Painting

David & Sasha Hicks___________________________________________________________________

Started by perfecting smooth wall finish, then underbodied and prepared all trim. Two coats of oil-based enamel on walls as basecoat for faux finish, then applied oil-based glaze faux finished by two applications of acrylic clear. Trim finished with two applications of oil-based semi-gloss enamel.

Cabinetry was originally clear maple--client wanted it changed to deep red, with grain still visible. We used an eleven-step process that involved analine dyes, acrylic sanding sealer, conversion varnish, and two coats of toner.

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"George did a small sample for us before we left for Europe, and promised to have it finished by the time we returned in two weeks. When we came back and walked in the door we were amazed--it was even better than we had anticipated! The cabinetry was a real challenge, but came out with the exact look we wanted."

-Dave and Sasha Hicks

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